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a time for reflection

In light of recent events, many, including myself, are currently reflecting on the past and present issues surrounding racism. The murder of George Floyd represents just one case in far too many in which black people have been knowingly oppressed and given truly unreasonable and frankly disgraceful treatment. I found it heartbreaking to learn of the incident and can only hope justice can be given for a gentleman who should be still here today. In fact, justice needs to be given for ALL black lives and to those who face, and have faced racism. I would hope that most are already educated to recognise that white privilege is real and understand the critical events which have shaped racism over centuries. Now I hope we can all pledge to erase the prejudiced attitudes which still exist and cause hardship for so many across the world.

With all this in mind, I will make a note of some of the things I intend to do in order to help eradicate an issue which I hope one day will cease to exist, …

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